Information for Parents/Carers 

Whether you’re looking for updates about JC6 or you need advice to help with your child’s higher education journey, John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre has got you covered. For matters relating to university applications or sixth form education at our college in Hinckley, Leicestershire, use the information below.

Key Information

Virtual Parents' Evening

We now use an online parents evening booking system that allows you to book your parents evening meeting on line and due to Covid restrictions we are also running the appointments online.

You will be notified when there is a parents evening appointment available for your child. Please use the links and guidance below to help you.
To book a parents evening appointment, or to attend an appointment, follow this link:

For more support, please click here.

Attendance Expectations
All of the courses offered in post-16 are challenging and demanding and we look to sixth form students for the highest levels of attendance to ensure they achieve to their potential. Employers and some Universities do, of course, also ask for attendance information when considering applications. We expect no more than 5% absence over an academic year with an absolute maximum of 10% absence in exceptional circumstances.

We expect our students to be punctual and arrive to 6th form on time each morning. Without exception this is an attribute that all employers require from their employees and we expect no less.

How do I report an absence? 

Parents please note that there is a dedicated email address to report a student’s absence which is: You can also report an absence by dialing 01455 632183 and selecting option 1 (report an absence) then option 1 again for student absence. Absences should be reported by parents/carers. 

If students become ill during the school day they should sign out in the sixth form office. If this becomes a regular occurrence then students will only be able to leave if authorised by a parent/carer.

If students need to request time off (e.g. for a medical appointment, Open Day or interview) we ask them to do this IN ADVANCE by completing a ‘Reason for Absence Form’.

We ask that, as far as possible, routine medical appointments are arranged for out of college hours or during a non-teaching period. Students are asked to show medical appointment cards before they leave or for a parent to have called to give advance notice.

NB. If students are likely to be off long term, please contact us so that we can discuss how we can support them to keep up with school work during their absence.

How do I request a holidays in term time?
We strongly advise students against taking holidays in term time and do not authorise holidays during term. One week absent can mean upwards of 20 hours of lessons missed that will need to be caught up. If a student can’t avoid taking a holiday in term time, we ask them to complete a Holiday Form and to talk to all of their teachers before they go and also to have a pre-prepared plan to catch up on their return.

Holiday Request Form - Download

Attendance Concerns
Your child’s form tutor and sixth form leader will work with any individual whose attendance is a concern. They will meet with them and, if necessary, contact you at home to arrange a meeting. Attendance problems can usually be resolved in this way. Students can, very occasionally, be asked to pay their own exam entry fees if their attendance does not improve and on rare occasions asked to leave the sixth form.

Year 12 - All students register with their Personal Tutor four days a week. The Friday morning is kept for one-to-one meetings. They are also registered in all timetabled lessons. They will review their attendance regularly with their tutor.

Year 13 - Register with their Personal Tutor 3 days a week: Monday and Tuesday then either Wednesday or Thursday

Behaviour and Dress Code

As preparation for adult life, we try to give students more independence in sixth form, while also expecting them to set high standards for themselves and to give leadership and set an example to younger pupils. We will always challenge students about behaviour that does not contribute to effective learning for them or for others. If we are concerned and unable to resolve issues quickly with students we will contact parents/carers and look for ways to work together to resolve concerns and very much appreciate your support.

There is no uniform at JC6, however we do ask that students are appropriately dressed for a working environment. Students are required to wear a lanyard clear and visible at all times when on the site.

Support For Parents

Application Support

Careers Support

In addition to supporting our students with tailored careers guidance, we have created a list of websites and resources to help parents and carers to understand and support their son or daughter's next steps. 

External Support & Services

In addition to supporting and educating our students on topics such as mental health and self harm, we wanted to also create a document with useful contacts and websites for parents looking for additional information or support. This document can be downloaded as a PDF below. 

Financial Support

16 to 19 Bursary Fund

There are two types of 16 - 19 bursaries

Bursaries for defined vulnerable groups of up to £1,200 a year 

 Discretionary bursaries which institutions award to meet individual needs, for example, help with the cost of transport, meals, books and equipment. 

All bursary applicants will be interviewed by the Head of Sixth Form and their needs assessed. There are expectations of high level of attendance/punctuality and good behaviour to receive bursary funding,

Download a Bursary Application Form. 

The two types of bursary are identified by the following criteria: 

You are 16-19, live independently and claim income or Universal Credit 

You are looked after by the local authority 

You are a Care Leaver (looked after between ages of 14-16)

You are a 16-19 parent and receive income support or Universal Credit 

You are 16-19 and claim income support or universal credit for any reason

You are a disabled person in receipt of Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit 

Credit and Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Payments 

Other vulnerable groups

You are eligible for Free School Meals or gross household income is below £16,200

You are in receipt of either Universal Credit or Tax Credits with a gross household income between £16,200 and £25,000

Applications where gross household income exceeds £25,000 per annum will not be considered for support under this scheme.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The government change the guidelines to schools in relation to the 16-19 Bursary Fund annually. For this reason, all students must reapply for bursary funding if they are eligible each year. Being eligible in one academic year does not guarantee ongoing eligibility. Also, the quantity and way in which bursary funding is allocated and paid can change annually. All year 12 students who claim bursary funding will be contacted at the start of their year 13, however it is their responsibility to apply by the deadline at the end of September. All initial applications will be assessed as soon as possible so students can access funding.

If home financial circumstances change during the year (after the September deadline), then an application to the 16-19 can be made for assistance. The 16-19 Bursary Fund is allocated to schools annually and is not an infinite source. Therefore, it is entirely possible that applications very late in the academic year may not be fulfilled.
Apart from the vulnerable bursary, there will be no monthly payments in to student accounts. All discretionary bursary payments will be “in kind” reimbursements for items that fall within the criteria specified by the bursary.

Please click on the Bursary Banding table below to clarify what students can ask financial assistance for.  

For a more detailed explanation of the 16-19 Bursary please click here. 

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