jc6 student helps member of the community in hinckley

Member of the Community Helped by JC6 Student

A John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre student came to the aid of a member of the public recently, following a fall in Hinckley town centre. The JC6 student put her first aid training into action by keeping calm under pressure.

On Thursday 19th September after students at JC6 finished early due to an Open Evening, many headed into the town centre to enjoy the sunshine, with Year 12 student Chelsea being one of them.

However, her afternoon quickly changed when she saw a lady in her eighties fall after tripping on a raised paving slab. ‘As soon as I saw her fall I just ran, my instincts took over,’ Chelsea recalls, ‘a man and a woman were already with her when I got to her so I went to get tissue from Greggs. She had split her chin completely open.’

A member of the Sea Cadets for three years and currently studying Public Services at JC6, Chelsea has basic first aid training and knew she needed to stay calm while putting her training into action. Worried that the woman might have broken her jaw in the fall, Chelsea instructed another member of the public to call an ambulance while she tried to calm her down. ‘As I was talking to her a nursery group went past with a first aid box, so I ran over and got some antiseptic wipes to try and clean her chin while we waited for the ambulance,’ Chelsea said, ‘I got her out of direct sun into some shade, as I didn’t want the heat to make her feel even worse.’

Chelsea asked the injured woman if there were any family or friends she could call on her behalf and with direction located the number of a family member, letting them know what had happened. Not wanting her to be by herself after a distressing event, Chelsea sat with the lady until the ambulance arrived, ‘she was shaking and asked me to stay with her so we talked about normal things, like her grandchildren, where she was from and exams, to help distract her from what had happened.’ Following the half an hour wait for the emergency services, Chelsea told the ambulance staff what had happened and explained how she had helped so far.

JC6 received a call following the event from a member of the public who was also at the scene, praising Chelsea for quick thinking and commenting how brilliantly she dealt with the situation.

Everyone at JC6 are extremely proud of Chelsea and wish the member of the public she helped all the best with a speedy recovery.