Heartwize Training

Volunteers from The Heartwize Programme, which aims to improve awareness of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and teach resuscitation skills in schools, joined year 13 students at John Cleveland Sixth Form Centre
recently for a potentially lifesaving workshop.

The unique session formed part of the Sixth Form’s Enrichment Programme, an hour every two weeks where students take part in unique activities. Enrichment is designed to provide students with wider skills and experiences to enrich their in-class learning and, in this case, potentially save a life.

The powerful workshop began with a video showing a teenager use CPR to save his father’s life. This hard-hitting introduction showed students why using resuscitation skills quickly in an emergency situation can
make all the difference.

During the session students were split into groups and each assigned an experienced programme volunteer, many of whom have had to perform or receive CPR in the past, to take them through how to administer CPR. From ensuring the students don’t put themselves in danger, to chest compressions and mouth to mouth, JC6 students received thorough step by step training using inflatable CPR dummies and guided by the volunteer’s instructions. Volunteers also took the time to talk to students about Automated External Defibrillator locations, so they can find one in an emergency and to show students how to use an AED if required.