Former JC6 Student Named as NHS Rising Star for 2019

At JC6 we pride ourselves on celebrating student success, and enjoy nothing more than seeing former students go on to succeed in the wider world. JC6 alumni Will Turton's recent achievement is a perfect example of this, receiving a Silver Goodall Celebration Award - NHS Rising Star 2019 this month!

After starting his career in a children's inpatient mental health hospital in January 2018, Will then progressed on to join the CAMHS Urgent Care Team in early 2019. He describes his work history as an, "interesting and eye-opening experience and something I am really passionate about."

Will now often uses his own past experiences as a teenager to help him relate and support young people, "often the young people I work with have lots of difficulties at school and I try hard to relate this to my own experience at JCC. It was an honour to receive this award, especially when the NHS is so stretched."

Everyone at JC6 would like to congratulate Will on his achievement and wish him continued success in the future!