ALUMNI STORY - Stephen (Class of 2006)

S T E P H E N   

Class of 2006

Certifying Engineer, Manchester Airport

"I was a student at JCC from 2002 to 2006. I went straight on to a four-year aircraft maintenance apprenticeship with Virgin Atlantic after my A-levels and over 12 years on I’m still working for Virgin, now as a Certifying Engineer at Manchester Airport. I have enjoyed my time there so far, and some great opportunities have come from it; just yesterday I returned home from 10 days’ training on the Boeing 787 ‘Dreamliner’ out in Johannesburg, and we had some free time to explore and even go on a safari while we were out there." 

"I am a great advocate of modern apprenticeships, and encourage young people to give them some serious consideration when evaluating their options post-school or college. My A-levels at JCC were Maths, Physics, Politics and

Music. I was also heavily involved with the extra-curricular activities offered by the Music department."

"My time at JCC was enjoyable. I found the teaching staff very supportive and being part of the music ‘family’ gave me some unforgettable life experiences, the highlight of which was playing the organ at the Royal Albert Hall with the JCC Orchestra."